Summer with Picasso and Dali-Peralada Opera and music Festival

4th to 7th of August 2016

We enjoyed the unique atmosphere of a wonderful place that combines music, art and enjoyment of life.

We checked into a historic hotel in Figueres which had been the meeting place of Salvador Dali with Luis Duran, whose family owned the hotel. In this location we were only 8 kilometres to Peralada, a delightful Spanish estate Figueres, not far from the French border. This annual festival is held for a month every summer, drawing large Catalan audiences from the Barcelona area, as well as many international guests. The festival is eclectic – Among the classical offerings which we we saw, were a recital by Bryan Hymel, and a single fully staged performance of Pucinni’s last opera Turandot.

The festival site includes a large open air auditorium as well as smaller venues and multiple opportunities for fine dining.

As well as attending the Peralada festival performances, we were able to visit Salvador Dali’s museum of his art works in Figueres , and we can spend a day in the village of Cadaques where Dali, Lorca, and Picasso all spent time.

We enjoyed delicious meals in Peralada, Figueres, and Cadaques that made the trip truly memorable!

Ian Jones

Review in Ian and Jeremy’s blog